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Fallout 4 Soundtrack | Music on vinyl records

Fallout 4 Soundtrack | Music on vinyl records


Now available to buy.

Product description:

All right, Vault Dwellers! It's time to put on your pip-boy and go through the wastelands one more time as Bethesda Softworks and Spacelab9 bring you the soundtrack to FALLOUT 4: DELUXE VINYL! Lasting over 3.5 hours, this massive collection features the full score of Inon Zur's 65-track game (Fallout series, Dragon Age series, Prince of Persia series) on six colored vinyl LPs, all packaged in three covers foldable and housed in a thick, full-color card stock sleeve.

Prices may vary due to the rise in the US dollar, and there may be delivery delays due to COVID-19.

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